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Выберите, кто из носителей вам больше подходит
Nemer, 32, Lebanon
I am a car technician engineer and I worked in my own workshop for 6 years and at the same time I managed my fathers fuel station , after that I decided to started traveling and living abroad , the first country was Egypt where I started teaching English in the morning and managed a restaurant in the eve , after two years living there I decided to move to Russia my dream land , I continued teaching English here as a private tutor , and I am a personal trainer too since sport is my passion
George, 29, USA
For the past 12 years I've lived in San Francisco and before that in San Diego. I started off working in the tech industry but after some time got out of tech and began working in the film industry. My normal full time job title in the states was Film/Commercial Associate Producer. I moved to Moscow a year ago and have been successfully teaching English at a corporate level with a focus on conversational English geared towards marketing/sales/tech
Grace, 21, USA
I'm an American fourth year European Studies student at Trinity College, Dublin. I'm TEFL certified and I have been teaching English in Moscow for about a year. Having studied both French and Russian, I know how daunting it can be to learn a new language, so I try to make my lessons as stress-free and fun as possible. Whether they wish to excel in an examination, achieve fluency, or simply be able to order a coffee in a new language, I am here to help my student every step along the way!
Steve, 40+, Australia
For the past 4 years I've lived in Moscow and before that in Brisbane Australia running my own business plus various hospitality jobs. I started off working in Hotels and labouring plus factory work but later I was gently pushed into education teaching English. I teach kindergarten mainly now but have done it all from beginner to more advanced students both singularly and groups plus specifically speaking groups and one to one students. My love is speaking practice as it's enjoyable to see the results of your teaching efforts by having a conversation with your students
Robert, 52, UK
I have lived in Moscow for approx. 4 years now and am married to Polina from Rostov on Don. My main interest in life has always been music, playing, teaching and being involved with other musicians. I have played guitar for 40 years and consistently for those years i have taught probably the last 25 of them. I like to meet people, travel and get to know other cultures. I enjoy seeing people achieve their goals and improving their skills in what ever they choose to do and if i can help and be a part of that process then it makes me happy and i find it very rewarding
Celeste, 38, South Africa
I'm a friendly, outgoing person who loves being creative and learning new things. Doing my best to implement it into my teaching activity. I believe you can learn something new every day, if you are open to it. I love walking around with my camera exploring and capturing life. I have my Bachelor's Degree specializing in Youth work and also I am certified in Arts and Design. I have been sharing knowledge with my students all over the world for about 13 years. And still enjoy it. I've been living in Moscow for a year now, teaching English and mastering my Russian.
Sarah, USA, 26
I'm from Tallahassee, Florida, USA. I have my master's degree in Slavic languages and literature with a focus on linguistics and second language acquisition from Florida State University. Currently, I am living in Moscow and teaching English to adults. I love music, reading, animals, and staying up-to-date on current events
Matthew, USA, 32
I've been living here for about 5 years now. I initially planned to work/travel in Russia for a year, but I quickly made such great friends that I decided to stay longer. Time flies when you're having fun! I've been teaching English here full-time since arriving in Moscow. My University education is in History, but I find a wide range of topics fascinating
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